What Nortel BCM Phone Systems Can Provide For New Businesses

New business owners in Maryland will find that Nortel BCM phone systems can offer a wide variety of features and selections that can help a business grow. These telephone systems have made several different tasks within branch offices, small businesses, and medium-sized companies a much smoother and more effective process to achieve.

The combined system of the voice and data solutions that are provided with this popular phone system is award winning and rated among the very best. A Nortel BCM also provides companies with the strategy of either being IP-enabled or choosing a pure-IP. A multimedia call center, telephony, voice response that is exclusively interactive, messaging that is unified, and data and IP routing such as wireless, firewall, and others, are also some of the extremely helpful features that a Nortel BCM can offer existing investments like Communication Server 1000, Meridian, and Norstar.

There are several different styles of Nortel communications equipment that have succeeded in helping many new business of Baltimore and the surrounding areas run much smoother.

Nortel BCM Business Phone Features

  • BCM 50 – This is the perfect telephone system for a new businesses in Baltimore, Maryland that has anywhere between 3 and 50 users. Unified messaging, contact centers, IP networking, IP telephony, Internet access, and other features make it possible for small businesses to benefit from combined capabilities.
  • BCM 200 – This system works great for companies that expect to have up to 90 users using the system. It is a system made with all-in-one features such as unified messaging, data and IP routing services, multimedia call center, telephony, interactive voice response, and others.
  • BCM 400 – This device works great for small and middle sized companies, as well as branch offices that have up to 90 IP users, or 30 to 200 digital users. You receive combined data and voice services that use either IP or traditional telephony, which can also be used in combination with one another. Interactive voice response, unified messaging, telephony, multimedia call center, data and IP routing like wireless and firewall, and other features are provided with this telephone system.
  • BCM 450 – This telephone system works for branch offices and businesses that have 30 to 250 users. Some features of this phone system include Meet-me conferencing, IP networking, unified messaging, Internet access, Intelligent Contact Center functionality, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), and several other advanced features.

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