VoIP Internet Phone Service – A Great Way To Reduce Telephone Bills

Talking over the Internet has made potential users and customers part of the e-world. With a VoIP service, users can send and receive voice, data ad images over a single network or the Internet. While calling over VoIP, users enjoy additional benefits like call efficiency and enhanced productivity compared to traditional PSTN services. Sending voice over Internet is the advanced application in the telecommunication industry. This allows users to enjoy longer distance or international calls at significantly reduced rates. Therefore, calling to near and dear ones across the globe using voice over IP does not increase monthly telephone bills.

For accessing calls through Internet phone service, one requires a high speed Internet connection, Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) as well as a phone. For higher speed Internet service, users must select providers who offer carrier bandwidth. With its state-of-art-technology, Internet phone service provides it end users with complete pack of features like reliability, mobility, continuity, scalability, security and quality network. Calling over the VoIP service is based on the packet switching mode of network.

The packet switching technique of the VoIP telephone service follows IP process. This IP process is based on the conversion of analog voice signals into small digital packets. The digital packages are compressed before they are routed over the Internet. The compressed or encrypted signals are sent over the IP network and before it reaches the destination, digital packets are reconverted back into analog signals. Therefore, the data transmission, conversion and switching takes place transparently and quickly – a fact that allows users to enjoy continuous calling transmission.

Today, the IP market is flooded with the Internet phone service providers of VoIP , so selecting the 'best' provider becomes important for any user. Users must opt ​​for the VoIP providers that have a lot of expertise in dealing in wholesale carrier services, reseller programs and business solutions. As a matter of fact, services from the restructured providers are guaranteed to cut down the cost of calling to more than 50% of bills compared to PSTN service.

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