Using VoIP As a Cell Phone Internet Service With Or Without a Data Plan

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the technology that allows us to make free calls over the internet. It also allows us to make and receive calls from telephone numbers at low rates, and the savings can be surprising if we make a lot of calls or we call long distance repeatedly. Depending on how it is rented and installed, VoIP can be used from a computer program, a special VoIP phone or device, or even a conventional telephone. We can also place calls from our mobile phones using VoIP, enjoying the benefits of a cell phone internet service, even if we do not have a data plan.

There are many different VoIP providers available that we can use from where we have an internet connection. The most popular of those services are the popular chatting programs like Yahoo, Google, the MSN Network, and the Skype network (that chatting program that thinks it is a phone). Last, but not the least in our brief list of VoIP companies, we find a big group of providers that use only SIP, offering a wide variety of internet telephony services that can replace your phone line (that is, if you have an internet connection ).

All of the service mentioned above can be used from a mobile phone if you find the necessary software and if you can access the internet from your mobile phone. There are specific and general programs available on the internet that can allow your smartphone to connect to many or all of those services, and the provider you want to connect to will probably have one available for you.

That leaves us with how to connect to the internet from our mobile phone. If you have a data plan, you must not be asking yourself this question, but without your data plan is clearly unlimited you must take into account that using your mobile phone as a cell phone internet service will chew up 1GB of approximately every 1200 minutes of talking.

If your mobile phone has Wifi, you can use it as a cell phone internet service even without a data plan. All you need is access to a wireless router connected to the internet, that can be at your own home, a public library, a shop or a friend's house.

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