Live Phone Answering Service Vs Automated Business Voice Mail

Smaller scale businesses and companies may use an automated answering system. Potential customers or clients, seventy five percent of them anyway, are known to hang up when they reach business voice mail, and simply try another retailer, vendor or service / product provider instead, even if it is second best. This redirects the flow of business away from the one it was initially intended for.

To avoid this loss of business, businesses and companies can stop contributing the loss of their own business and start with the basics. The front of your business serving customers really should not be a prerecorded message. It should be a real live person, knowledgeable about your business and able to answer the potential customers' questions, provide any additional information, promotional or otherwise and reassure the customer that their business relationship with your organization is going to be well tend to and is a matter of concern and consideration to you.

Now it may seem to be expensive to consider hiring staff just to take messages and deliver them to you. Using a live phone answering service or a virtual receptionist is an ideal solution. There are several benefits to taking this course of action.

Primarily, you are no longer handing business to your competitors on a platter. This also automatically means you are no longer losing business.
Second, this consequentially means that you are effectively increasing your revenue.

Third, instead of answering the calls yourself and also saving yourself the trouble of hiring an expensive receptionist or assistant who will simply take and note messages for you, or dispensing with that headache over all and turning to an automated business voice mail – by hiring a live answering phone service, you have people who make it a point to know your business inside out, answering the calls of potential customers and translating that 'potential' in to 'confirmed' business.

Customer service and satisfaction have higher chances of being a guaranteed this way.

Fourth, you can customize the reception your potential clientele will receive on making that call to your business. You will receive feedback as to how effective it is and get help with finding the perfect approach, pitch and content for this reception as well, which allows you to create the perfect reception.

Fifth, there is hardly any doubt that if you are hiring a service, they are accountable to you. When they treat every phone call as a chance to increase and positively build your business, as 'the' chance to impress your potential clients, partners, investors, etc.

Important features to keep in mind when selecting the right live Phone Answering Service for your business are:

• That it is an interactive service that specifically does not just take calls and deliver messages to you
• To look into the security of your account with them
• That you receive voice mails and caller details in a regular report, or hard copy storage format where you can personally access them when necessary
• That the usage of such a service is a seamless part of your organization that just happens to be outsourced; so, your clients and potential clients feel like they are talking to on-location staff who can answer satisfactorily to all pertinent questions relating to or stemming from your business.

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