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A weird
that caused WiFi networks to temporarily break down
for certain Chromecast and Google Home users is getting a fix on
Thursday January 18.

It was previously thought that Google’s casting devices, like the
Chromecast and Google Home, were the culprits. But a
short blog post on Google’s support site
on Wednesday said
the issue was actually isolated for Android smartphone users.

The glitch was caused by Android phones running Google’s casting
software, which casts music to the Google Home and video streams
to Chromecast devices from Android phones.  

In certain cases, the Google Cast software inside Android
smartphones would malfunction and overwhelm home WiFi routers
with too much information at very high speeds. It could cause
some internet speed slowdowns every so often, or cause a WiFi
router to reboot entirely, causing a temporary disruption. 

The company said that Android users should look out for a Google
Play Services update on their Android phones on Thursday January
18. It also suggested Android users reboot their phones and check
to make sure their WiFi routers are running on the latest

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