Business Phone Installation – The Main Issues

The chances are that you may not have thought about business phones installation until the time came to fit out your offices with an office telecoms system. After all, until your current system breaks down or needs upgrading, phone systems may not be at the top of your list of priorities.

But there may be a few issues to consider when thinking about business phone installation. You may wish to consider the following:

· How the system may meet with your business being expanded;

· Whether there have been any staff changes;

· Are your offices moving; and

· How your offices are connected.

This is where professional advice may be essential. If you can find someone with a significant experience in the telecoms sector, you may find that they may be able to suggest issues that had never crossed your mind.

The options available to you may also depend on what your promises are like, and the amount to which they can be tampered with. A professional telecoms expert may typically be able to design a system that is sympathetic to the building you work in.

How much will it cost?

You may also want to consider the price of your new business telecoms system. Your telecoms engineer may be able to suggest the configuration that may be the most cost effective for you (for example, by routing calls the fastest way). But have you considered the possibility of refurbished telecoms equipment?

Given that good quality telecoms equipment is typically engineered to last, you may be able to get many more years' out of gear that for some reason has become obsoleste for another firm. The price difference between new and refurbished telecoms equipment may be significant, so you may wish to ask your telecoms expert either any suitable second hand equipment may be available.

Finally, apart from call routing and the cost of the physical gear, you may be able to save money in other ways with the right business phone installation. For example, rather than losing staff hours and fuel costs on journeys to visit people, video conferencing and using conference calls may be an option.

How is your business going?

The future direction and growth may be very relevant to your business phone installation. If you foreseee significant growth, you may need to account for this in the wiring system. After all, if you are madly taking orders or dealing with customers left right and center, the last thing you may want to be thinking about is a telecoms upgrade. Your business telecoms expert may be able to design some extra capacity so you can just concentrate on growing your business without worrying about your telecoms system.

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