9 tools that you need to have in your kitchen, according to chefs

Chefs tell all.

Larry French/Stringer/Getty Images for DC Central Kitchen’s Capital Food Fight

  • Good knives should be the first thing on your list
  • Nonstick pans and cooking utensils that won’t scratch them are a must-have
  • If you dream of making your own spice blends, you need a coffee grinder
  • When you’re ready to up your flavor game and don’t mind spending a little time on care, move up to cast iron

There are few things more universally-comforting than delicious food smells coming from your kitchen. Knowing that you’ll soon be eating those mouth-watering treats is a close second.

But first, you have to make the food. To do that, you’ll need a few key tools to set you up for success. INSIDER spoke with some chefs to gather all the information you need to know on the everyday essential items you should have in your kitchen.

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